Coin Collectors’ Bookshelf

The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards for United States Coins

Kenneth Bressett (Editor), Q. David Bowers (Narrator)

Grading standards for United States coins straight from the source. An absolute must for any serious collector of United States coins. All standard grades are illustrated and every U.S. issue is examined in detail.

Handbook of Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: An Official Whitman Guidebook

Zander H. Klawans

A classic yet affordable work that brings together two standard references for Greek and Roman coins. An excellent book for beginners and others who are working on the basic, more accessible Greek and Roman coins. Includes information on reading Greek and Roman coin inscriptions, identifying emperors and dates on Roman coins, symbols, city names, and historical and mythological characters. Over 1000 full sized photographs.

Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins

Q. David Bowers

A very comprehensive look at a subject that can prove difficult to research. Includes chapters on Money in Early America, Minting and Distribution, Silver Coins of Massachusetts, American Coins and Tokens from 1783 to 1788, and much more. Includes information on many distinct varieties that are not detailed elsewhere, with photographs to help with attributions, along with rarity ratings and pricing guidelines.

Numismatic Photography

Mark Goodman

Whether you wish to photograph your coins for further study, to document your collection, or to get them ready for sale, Mark Goodman's Numismatic Photography is the definitive book on contemporary photographic techniques. Goodman is a radiologist, and that background brings a unique perspective to his approach. The book provides easy to understand explanations of technical terms to help you get the most out of your equipment, with advice on such topics as achieving the best lighting, working with a tripod, and photographing through slabs.

Warman's Coins & Paper Money: Identification and Price Guide

A good book for the U.S. collector whose interests go beyond the basic United States coins. Full color with background information and general collecting tips, the guide lists both coins and paper money from the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

World's Greatest Mint Errors

Mike Byers

More than just a guide or price list, this book by noted expert and publisher Mike Byers provides an education in the nature of mint errors. Hundreds of spectacular mint errors are pictured in full color and enlarged. Includes errors that have never been published before and detailed information on value, rarity, and grade. The book is organized by error type with a full explanation of each. While this book is of tremendous value to the specialized error collector, it is accessible and informative and will be of interest to the more casual numismatist as well.

Classical Deception

Wayne G. Sayles

With each coin struck by hand from countless individual dies, authenticating ancient coins can be extremely challenging even for the experienced collector. In this book, well regarded numismatic author Wayne G. Sayles gives a complete overview of the field of ancient counterfeits and forgeries. Beyond details of analysis methods using tools ranging from the naked eye to x-rays, Classical Deception provides an extensive overview of the history of coin production, famous forgers and common fakes.

Guide to Biblical Coins

David Hendin

The fully revised and updated fifth edition of the definitive reference to ancient Judean and Biblical coins. Part reference catalog and part scholarly text, the book includes hundreds of photographs and illustrations accompanied by copious endnotes and commentary. The updated work includes recent archeological discoveries as well as new research. Guide to Biblical Coins is the source of Hendin numbers used by dealers and collectors to refer to ancient Judaic and Biblical coins.

100 Greatest Ancient Coins

Harlan J. Berk

A different kind of coin book. Authored by well known ancient coin dealer Harlan Berk, 100 Greatest Ancient Coins explores the history and artistry of some of the fields most treasured artifacts. Large color pictures and knowledgeable commentary distinguish the work.