Transit Token Value Guide

Prices and Indentification Aids for Subway, Bus, Train, Ferry, Trolley, Cablecar, Streetcar, Toll Tokens and more.



  • Municipality: Phoenix
  • Company: Regional Transit
  • Reverse: ONE TOKEN
  • Metal: Brass
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: 16mm
  • Description: Obverse shows a desert scene with cactus. Marked RWM for Roger Williams Mint Attleboro, Massachusetts.
  • Value: $2.00

These values for transportation related tokens are based on general market conditions, a survey of available tokens on the market, and prices realized in actual recent retail transactions. These prices are for tokens in a condition that is acceptable to most collectors - lightly used with all features still sharp and free of damage. Unused, particularly pristine items are worth more. Items with excessive wear, damage, or repairs will be worth considerably less than the values listed here. It is also noteworthy that these prices are for tokens listed and sold individually. It is common to pay less per token than the prices listed here when tokens are sold as part of a bulk lot or collection.

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